Local CPA Advocates the IRS Make Taxes Fun

Fun 01

Forestville CPA Chandler Juliet wants the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to make taxes fun. “The tax code is difficult to understand so all the fun is taken out of it. The tax laws must be written so they can be understood by taxpayers, accountants and even by H&R Block employees too,” he said.

Mr. Juliet believes the tax code forces taxpayers to not only find loopholes and tax credits, but to burrow and nest inside the tax code too.

Chandler approached the IRS last year and encouraged them to make taxes fun by offering taxpayers incentives to file such as coupons and free hams, especially if they filed early. “The ham idea was met with tons of resistance because the IRS feared a trichinosis outbreak,” he remarked.

The popular CPA also encouraged the IRS to create a mascot with a red cape and spandex tights saying, “It would give the public something to root for.”

Chandler Juliet making taxes fun

Chandler Juliet making taxes fun

Like many government entities the Internal Revenue Service is resistant to change and new ideas. “In the end they turned down my suggestions so every April 15th I am dressed like a clown while I prepare returns, and at Christmas I give tax forms as stocking stuffers,” Chandler divulged.


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