The Spiro Agnew Society of Forestville

Agnew 01

Huddled in a dimly lit room in a home in Forestville, six people sit at an oval table with their hands tightly joined together. In an altered state of consciousness they faintly chant “Silent Majority” over and over as they attempt to channel the ghost of former Vice President Spiro Agnew.

Members of the Spiro Agnew Society, which consists of Forestville’s wealthiest and most powerful, conduct séances during difficult political times trying to contact the former vice president’s spirit. These Forestville residents ardently believe Agnew (Vice President 1969-1973 and Governor of Maryland 1967-1969) has been misrepresented since he resigned as vice president in 1973.

During the height of the riots in Baltimore the group held an emergency séance and channeled Agnew seeking guidance. They held hands, prayed and did Gregorian chants but nothing was communicated from the other side. The séance was terminated, the candles were extinguished and they adjourned to San Gennaro and ate chicken parmigiana.

The next séance is scheduled for April 25th; the eve of the Connecticut Primary.


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