Local Enthusiast Sights Endangered Republican Senators at State Capital


Connecticut is known as outdoorsy state with people involved in everything from amateur astronomy and botany to bird watching.

One local man, George Kent spends his free time as a legislator spotter and in his latest outing, made the rare observation of two Republican senators standing next to each other by the front steps of the Legislative Office Building. “I was hiding up in a nearby tree with my binoculars and camera when they came out,” he recounted. “They stood there for a bit clucking, scratching each other’s back, typical senatorial behavior. It was fantastic given how increasingly rare Republican sightings are. I’m afraid that one day they’ll be gone and my grandson will never live to see one in the wild.”

The Government Biology Institute in a published report estimates that by the year 2020, there may be no Republicans left in state government at all. “The chief reason for the decline in the Republican population is the loss of their natural habitat, due to companies leaving the state,” says Institute fellow Dr. Roger Rogers. “This loss of political biodiversity impacts the whole state, including Democrats who will have no one left to scapegoat. I hear one Democrat committee suggested switching the blame for the state’s woes to either the Jews, global warming or Milicent Pennyfarthing, the old woman who stands on the corner of Trinity Street and Elm screaming at traffic.”



When asked if he had spotted legislators in unusual places, Kent replied, “No, they’re a shy sort. Only see them at campaign rallies, ribbon cuttings and bribe drop-off points. People ask if I see them at prison, but it isn’t hard these days to discover the odd city or state official there. In fact, Governor Rowland pays to keep his prison suite in between jail terms.”


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