Connecticut Lottery to Hand Out Participation Trophies

You can't win if you don't play

You can’t win if you don’t play

Connecticut State Lottery officials, concerned that lottery players will become frustrated with not winning and consequently stop playing, are set to begin offering participation trophies for losing lottery customers.

“The idea of a participatory trophy is not to make everyone a winner, but to acknowledge the time and effort they put into scratching the ticket or choosing their numbers. Trying matters,” the press release said.

State Lottery’s commonly offer multiple ways to lose but Connecticut is the first state to reward lottery players for losing with a trophy.

This fall, Lottery officials plan to also increase the value of used scratch-offs. Collectible versions of the games will be sold and printed on fine French cardboard handmade by the Amish. Each card will feature a portrait of a past president of the Lottery Commission embossed in genuine iron pyrite.


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