Police Respond To Alleged “Two Dollar” Bill

police tape 01

Forestville Police responded to a call Saturday afternoon that a man was trying to use a “two-dollar” bill to purchase a gallon of milk.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. at a popular area convenience store. Police say the customer; Tyler Dodge handed the clerk a green bill bearing U.S. insignias, the number two in words and numbers and in the center, a man in a powdered wig identified only as “Jefferson”. The back appears to depict a bunch of men waiting to audition for a Gilbert-and-Sullivan opera. The clerk, Katherine Overbay, was immediately suspicious and called police.

Yellow crime scene tape cordoned off the area around the convenience store as officers processed the scene. Customers as well as a group of kids on skateboards stood on the sidewalk and watched officers and tactical teams come and go.

“I’ve heard the government issues that type of money,” said one onlooker, John S. Wylie of 1822 Terrace Road, Bristol, on condition of anonymity. “But you’re not supposed to spend it. You put it away in your sock drawer with your collection of dollar coins.”

“It’s weird,” Overbay said as she watched the police question Mr. Dodge. “I’ve worked here for twenty years and no one has ever used a two-dollar bill. How was I to know that this wasn’t an Al Quaeda plot to destroy our economy? We’re told all the time, ‘If you see something say something.’ Well I saw something, so I said something.”

two 01

Mr. Dodge was charged by the store, but not by police on condition he not use a two-dollar bill to make any purchase in the future.

Jefferson could not be reached for comment.

Overbay later acknowledged that she may have overstepped her bounds, but said the use of a 2 dollar bill while children were in the store was inappropriate.

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