Renaissance Downtowns to Develop the Face on Mars

Face on mars 04 arrows

NASA is making plans to colonize Mars and according to sources familiar with the project Renaissance Downtowns LLC, a Long Island based developer, will be the contractor to develop a portion of the planet. Yup, that Renaissance Downtowns LLC.

Mars with its rocky surface, canyons, volcanoes and red dust covering the terrain, has sat desolate for 4.5 billion years. Critics say now that Renaissance is involved it will remain desolate for another 4.5 billion years.

They are to build the property near the “Face on Mars” with parking garages, pop-up piazzas, cafes, a Performing Arts Center and retail. Lots of retail. “It will be Mars very own version of Blue Back Square,” said a source familiar with the plans.

A major stumbling block however, is the enormous initial investment required to establish the colony and terraform the planet. Renaissance wants a public/private partnership of financing options for Phase I because it proved to be so successful while they were in Bristol.

“Currently it’s all about getting money and then permits, and then food and water and hydrogen and methane, and power and another industrial revolution,” said Bill Doug spokesperson for the project.

He expects Phase 1 construction to begin in 100 years with the development of Downtown Disney or whatever it will be called then.


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