Local Wackos Disappointed with City Hall

Wacko 01

It is impossible to please everyone. Case in point.

Sunday, a motley group of people assembled to voice their disillusionment with the mayor and the city council in front of the library, which they thought was City Hall.

“The mayor and the city councilors have disappointed me. I thought for sure with them in charge, we’d all be traveling around in flying cars by now,” grumbled the needy millennial in the group.

“My psychic said that if they were elected, I’d be pregnant,” said one woman who also gave this reporter her phone number for a good time. “But that hasn’t happened. I’m not happy with their performance so far.”

A third member of the group was more pointed. “They promised we’d get drastic tax hikes and open season on bald eagles.” When reminded no one ever promised that, he continued, “then what the hell am I doing out here?”


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