Do-Over Anyone?

Do over

Alex Chipley is not happy with our city government since the election in November. So, he recently contacted the Connecticut Secretary of State and asked for a do-over of the November elections. Chipley said he is suffering from buyer’s remorse, “I was promised one thing and got another.”

Mr. Chipley, a lifelong Forestville resident and a Walter J. Murphy Bristol Republican, wants to take back his vote. “Between the Ambush, Robert’s Rule of Order, FOI requests, grandstanding and name-calling, what do we have to show for it? A quibbling city council and a one lane Boulevard that’s still two lanes.”

Erskine Dozier, who moved to Forestville from Plainville during the administration of Frank Longo, and is now considering moving back, echoed Chipley’s thoughts and mused, “Where is the collaboration? Where are the statesmen? I am not looking for Churchill or Cicero but we could use a Mayor Dutton right now.”

Cicero 01

The Office of the Secretary of the State, while empathetic with Chipley and Dozier, said there is no provision or mechanism for a do-over, redo or to change a vote once it has been cast for that matter.

Chipley said he is resigned to our collective fate but reflected, “Maybe we are getting the leadership we deserve because it appears to me we elected someone and we should have elected someone else. This is our collective penance.”


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  1. Mike Uchalid says:

    Reblogged this on Bristol Roundup and commented:
    Alan Boardman’s Forestville Blog continues to offer local satire. It’s funny, witty and gets right to the point. Do you know Alan Boardman? If so, the Roundup wants to know.

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