Deviated Septum Museum


The Deviated Septum Museum, located in the industrial section of Forestville, is the only museum in the United States dedicated to deviated septum’s.

The museum was founded in 1942 by members of Forestville’s high society and features two floors of exhibits, artifacts, photographs, film and oral histories

A deviated septum is a disorder of the nose involving a displacement of the nasal cavity. Researchers estimate that 80% of people, most unbeknownst to themselves, have a nasal issue.

This month the museum showcases deviated septums from the Classical antiquity period with literary stories, paintings and cave drawings. The exhibition delves into other nasal issues such as nosebleeds, snoring and postnasal drip during the 7th century BC from the Assyrian Empire.

Admission is free but it costs $12.50 for adults to leave the museum and $10.50 for children to leave.


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