The Alger Hiss School of Forestville

Alger Hiss

Alger Hiss

While Board of Education officials consider closing two public schools, laying off teachers or gutting art and music programs to close a budget shortfall, one man is looking to open a private school in Forestville.

Dante Lore, an education reformer, wants to build the Alger Hiss School of Forestville for eligible students. He previously ran the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg School before it closed because it did not attract any pupils.

All school children in Forestville between the ages of six and sixteen that look like Mr. Hiss and aspire to be Mr. Hiss are encouraged to attend the school.

Alger Hiss was a U.S. State Department official, writer, lecturer and an agent for the Soviet Union until he was convicted for perjury but not espionage (sort of) in 1950.

The school will be an organic farming collective and students will learn about writing, red herrings and the invasion of the Ukraine.

Teachers losing their jobs at the closed schools are invited to submit applications. All applicants will be required to attend an informational and re-education camp though, according to sources.


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