God and Satan Hold Summit Regarding Satan’s Forestville Vacation

chess 02

God and Satan recently met secretly for the purpose of discussing the latter’s planned vacation to the village of Forestville this summer.

The conference convened on an island along the east coast because Satan does not like to fly. Satan or as he known by others, Lucifer, the Antichrist and or Mephistopheles, arrived late surrounded by his General Staff and a large group of sycophants, while God divinely just appeared by himself.

Satan provoked God’s ire earlier this year with his announced plans for a Forestville vacation, which resulted in the current crisis and their summit. According to a member of Satan’s delegation, “From our point of view, it was not a question of could Satan go on vacation, it was, where would Satan go on vacation.”

God does not trust Satan so he was immediately suspicious of his Forestville intentions. He told associates that he saw the move as “aggressive expansionism” and a way to destabilize the region. Satan saw it differently. He viewed it as an opportunity to bolster his bargaining position with God.

Satan proposed that he would withdraw his Forestville vacation plans, in exchange for intellectual reparations. God made it known that was unacceptable and suggested alternatives.

Deliberations continue but a framework for an agreement has not been met.


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