Matthews and BLM Announce Summer Tour

Tour 02

Christy Matthews, a young energetic candidate in the 77th district, which includes Forestville, and members of Black Lives Matter have announced plans for a tour this summer, according to Roc Nation the tour sponsor.

The duo, following their wonderful performance of “Do You Hear the People Sing” from the musical, Les Misérables, at the Bristol Town Committee Nomination Process last week, acknowledged they will perform at the Polish Club, the Italian Social Club and the Franco American Club among others. More shows will be added as the summer unfolds.

The set list includes “All That Jazz” from Chicago, “Magic to Do” from Pippin, “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie and the show stopper “Tomorrow” from Annie.

Ticket prices will be kept low to keep scalping at a minimum.

Scheduled tour dates:

Monday June 20 Kiwanis Club

Tuesday June 21 Acquaintances of the Library

Friday June 24 Mommy and Me (matinee only)

Sunday June 26 Bristol Polish American Citizens Club

Wednesday July 6 The Italian Social Club

Tuesday July 12 The Franco American Club

Wednesday July 13 The Greater Bristol Chamber of Commerce (two performances)

Saturday July 16 Forestville Palooza

According to Roc Nation, at this time there is no opening act but there will be special guests.


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