Five-Year Old to be Honored at Rockwell Park


A commemorative plaque will be erected at Rockwell Park in honor of five-year-old Danny Johnson for successfully completing 100 trips down the twisty slide at the playground. Today’s ceremony will start at 12pm and run until nap time at 12:30 today.

Parade This Saturday

An inclusiveness parade will be held this Saturday in downtown Bristol starting at 10 a.m. The parade will honor and celebrate everyone and everything.

All participants in the float and band competitions will receive first-place medals and entry into the band competition will not require knowledge of how to actually play a musical instrument.

The parade will begin at Oakland and Wooding Street and end a block later at Judd or whenever participants feel like stopping.



The Bristol Agoraphobes support group has rescheduled its first meeting at the Manross Library to this Thursday at 9pm.

This marks the 27th time the group has tried to meet. It is hoped those who signed up for the group will be able to show up this time.

A support group for compulsive burglars has canceled their meeting at their halfway house formerly located on Maple Street.

The cancellation happened as a result of their computers, furniture and house being stolen sometime last week. The leader of the group, Dr. Michele Joiner announced that she will begin the search for a new location once the police locate her car.

Cat Show

On the 20th, the Cat Appreciation Society will host their annual Cat Show. Cat owners are invited to register and participate in several categories including Strangest, Most Stand-Offish and Most Colorful Coat. Cats will also be allowed to participate in the event.

The highlight will be the cat obedience trials. It is hoped this year a cat will actually win.


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