Local Legislators Want Drawings or Pictures Included With All Laws and Statutes


State Representative Cara Pavalock hopes to be co-authoring a bill with colleague Whit Betts next legislative session that requires visual aids be included with all legislation. “For fun I recently read Penal Code, Public Act 69-828, 1969 House Bill no. 7182 and I did not understand it. Pictures next to the law with arrows and circles to crucial parts would have come in handy,” Ms. Pavalock said.

Legislation 2

Mr. Betts, who plans on adding most of the punctuation to the proposal, elaborated, “Most people in my district will only read if there are visuals like a drawing. The exclusion of pictures, photos, illustrations, paintings or doodles from our laws and statutues is meant to keep them in the dark so they remain confused, unaware and uneducated.”

According to Ms. Pavalock, “The blind have Braille. The deaf have sign language. Picture readers or rather people that read by looking at pictures have nothing. This bill changes all of that.”

This proposal is contingent on both candidates winning reelection in November, and the legislature agreeing on something when they reconvene.


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