Sunday Conversation with Eminent Domain Regarding Route 6

Sunday Conversation 01

The City of Bristol is currently in the midst of conducting a study of Route 6 to determine the future development and management of the road.

Route 6/Farmington Avenue is a hodge podge of homes, retail, lights and Dunkin Donuts establishments.

However, the current study is being done because the City Planning Commission and a local attorney with a great deal of clout, gaze upon the residential properties along the roadway with lustful eyes and lolling tongues.

Could Eminent Domain be in our future?

Eminent Domain is the ability of the government to seize land for public or civic use. However, the government can also take private land and give it to private developers provided they can show it is for the public good.

Eminent Domain agreed to discuss that possibility at his plush offices on Middle Street, the location of the Bugryn family homes before he took their 32 acres almost 15 years ago, during our Sunday conversation.

Boardman: What do you think about Route 6?

ED: I am watching the “study” closely. There are some appealing properties on Route 6. Should they become available and deals cannot be made, Yahtzee!

Boardman: This is why you are not liked.

ED: I am not a bad guy, seriously. Sure the Bugryn’s thing did not go well but it was not personal. It was strictly business. Bristol has been good to me and I have been good for Bristol and especially Forestville. ESPN, Covanta Energy and the Otis Elevator testing facility are all because of me, Eminent Domain.

Boardman: People don’t want their land taken only to see it go to some private entity.

ED: I am not appreciated. It could be argued that if it were not for me, Eminent Domain…we would live in a world where there would be no ESPYs.

Boardman: Why be in the business of taking someone else’s property?

ED: The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution says, ‘nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation’ blah, blah, blah. All these people get paid so I fail to see the problem.

Boardman: How do you see your future?

ED: The usual stuff: Court battles, court dates and seizing property. Hopefully residential properties along the Route 6 corridor in several years. You may not like me but you have to live with me.


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