Forestville Preparing for Wednesday

Wednesday 01

This Wednesday July 6th is just another day and the Village of Forestville will be ready.

The mayor’s office issued a press release reminding residents of Forestville that Wednesday is expected to begin on time when Tuesday ends at midnight, Eastern Daylight Time.

Emergency services such as fire, police and EMT/paramedics, are going to be fully staffed and well supplied according to the release.

In anticipation of Wednesday, which at this time is only two earth days away, Department of Public Works vehicles including sanitation trucks were oiled, lubricated and the tires properly inflated, as recommended by the manufacturers.

Falling in the middle of the week Wednesday does not receive the attention or notoriety like Friday and Saturday so it is often overlooked. Therefore, officials want the public to know they take Wednesday seriously so they encourage everyone to support Wednesday by consuming goods and engaging in commerce.

Wednesday July 6th is scheduled to promptly end at solar midnight, the dividing point of a day ending and a new day beginning. At that precise moment Thursday will begin in Forestville.



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