Can’t You-All Just Get Along?


Forestville officials have identified a possible location for a new public recycling can.

The results of a feasibility study conducted by Landry, Issel and Escalanté, a Forestville consulting firm, recommend placing a recycling can near the entrance of Peck Park. Republicans want the can on the right side of the entryway, while the democrats want it on the left side of the entryway.

Anthony D’Amato, a Republican representing the First District on the City Council, expressed his displeasure with the democrat’s vision for the recycling receptacle. “If I had known the democrats wanted that thing on the left side, I would have never agreed to the study.”

Calvin Brown, a Democrat also representing the first district on the City Council, disagrees with his colleague. “There are more registered democrats than republicans in Forestville so the will of the voters should be heard. As a result that can should be on the left side.”

The Public Works Department said they can resolve the issue by alternating where the can is each week.

Mr. D’Amato was angry with the proposed solution. Asking not one question, but two at a council meeting, “Will it be the right side first or second? If it is on the left side first, will there be a public hearing to settle this affair?”

Predictably Councilman Brown saw it differently, “The people elected me, not once, but twice by bubbling my name on the ballot knowing I would want the new recycling can on the left side of the entrance to the park. There is no need for a hearing.”

City Hall insiders say the Corporation Counsel may ultimately decide, provided they don’t get blindsided or confused.


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