The 2016 Forestville Philosophy Expo

Philosophy 02

The 2016 Forestville Philosophy Expo was held last weekend at Greene Hills School and it failed to generate any buzz or enthusiasm.

The exhibition was for Forestville residents seeking illumination regarding wisdom, thought and logic. Only 113 people showed up, doubling last year’s attendance figure.

According to the event organizers, “The fatalists walked around saying it was their destiny to be here walking around talking about how it was their destiny to be here walking around. Fans of Friedrich Nietzsche stared into an abyss but were upset when the abyss did not stare back, and the amateur philosophers could not decide if they should discuss free will. Oh the irony.”

Organizers say the crowds would have been bigger but a segment of the philosophy community questions the existence of anything outside one’s own mind. As a result they all stayed home.

Philosphy 01

Despite these issues, organizers guarantee there will be a 2017 Forestville Philosophy Expo. However, as one of the attendees remarked, “Can we be certain of anything if it hasn’t happened yet?”



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