Debate in the 77th Maybe, Possibly

debate 01

Democrat and legislative hopeful Christy Matthews recently sent an invitation to the media for a primary debate she plans with her opponent, the endorsed democratic candidate in the 77th General Assembly District, Laura Bartok. However, she forgot to send one to Miss Bartok. “I didn’t forget I was hoping she wouldn’t show up,” Miss Matthews chuckled at a press conference.

The energetic and entertaining Matthews confessed it was a silly idea, but she has plenty of silly ideas such as debating her opponent while they are suspended from a 40 foot high ceiling upside down. “I would be the first candidate anywhere, ever elected that debated suspended from a ceiling upside down. Can Cara (Pavalock) say that? No way. She is probably afraid of heights or something weird like that. Vote Matthews 2016.”

Miss Bartok says she is not against debating upside down per-se but she needs to know if the ropes and harnesses used to secure them to the ceiling would be OSHA compliant.

Matthews believes Miss Bartok will not agree to it because “it is supposedly dangerous.” She also doubts her other ideas such as debating while entombed in a coffin underground or submerged in a water tank will be agreeable as well. “I may have to settle for standing at a stupid podium. Boooooooooor-ing. That is so 20th Century. Whatever,” the millennial candidate stated.

The primary is August 9th but no word on a date, venue or format.

The winner of the primary will run against Republican, Cara Pavalock in November.


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