Pequabuck River Not as Wet as First Thought


Officials with the Department of Environmental Protection have cited the city of Bristol for water in the Pequabuck River not being wet enough.

The EPA met with city officials and explained water and its importance. Based on the meeting and a threat of fines, the city is responding positively with a $12 million-dollar remediation program in which the existing water in the Pequabuck will be replaced by costlier but wetter water from the Connecticut River.

The plan is to first dredge the Pequabuck of all deficient water. Then Connecticut River water purchased from the state will be trucked over, and the dredged water will be safely buried at the City of Bristol Transfer Station.


Citizens are skeptical about the cost especially given recent budgetary tightening but generally speaking they don’t seem to care.

Additional measures include the use of a synthetic water that looks feels and tastes more like water than water. It is made from non-GMO oxygen and hydrogen in a state supported laboratory.

The latest findings on the Pequabuck by the EPA are based on a recent wetness test. The low wetness readings are thought to be the result of man-made global warming.


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