Get Your I Voted Today Sticker(s)!

voted 01

The Democratic Town Committee (DTC) has been busy for weeks preparing for today’s primary in the 77th District. The four polling places are clean, well-supplied and ready to go, according to the Registrar of Voters office.

Voter turnout is always low for a primary so the DTC plans to show voters that they appreciate them coming out on a hot summer day to cast their ballot. Therefore, instead of receiving one “I Voted Today” sticker, voters will receive two.

“We were not sure what to do but Mary (Fortier) and Ellen (Zoppo-Sassu) after months and months of intense deliberations, surveys and focus groups came up with the wonderful extra sticker idea. One was too little and three was too much. Two is perfect,” said Dean Kilbourne, Chairman of the Bristol DTC.

The two inch oval stickers have proven to be very popular amongst voters.

“The only reason I vote is so I can receive a sticker,” remarked one registered democrat.

Another added, “Sadly, I did not get one last November because they ran out and it was devastating. So, I voted by absentee ballot this time, and it was sent to me in the mail even though I am clearly not absent. I am thrilled.”

Due to the popularity of the stickers and to avoid the anticipated frenzy for them, a heavy security presence will be felt to prevent any fights or riots by voters to obtain them without voting first. “There will be plenty of stickers for everyone, but security will be there so someone can call the cops just in case it gets unruly,” Kilbourne told his fellow democrats.

Other added enhancements to make the voting experience pleasurable include soft music piped into the voting booths, and post-voting finger massages by licensed physical therapists.

Stay informed all day from the front lines of the primary with Alan Boardman’s semi-comprehensive election coverage.

Next update is expected in a few hours.


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