Forestville Resident Makes it Through 4 Way Intersection “Okay”


Bernadette Warwick was driving westbound on Redstone Hill Road on her way home from work late Wednesday. In the distance she keenly noted a four way stop sign. Knowing the importance of stopping she began the process of slowing her motor vehicle.

Upon reaching the four way intersection simultaneously with other automobiles, she brought her car to a complete halt. Looking in all directions she yielded the right-of-way to the cars to her right so they could proceed.

Patiently, with restless driver’s behind her eager to go carry on with their commute, Miss Warwick did not inch forward. She waited and waited and waited. Agonizing seconds seemed like minutes but her patience was rewarded when it became her turn to go.

Looking left and then right and then left again, Warwick gently applied the accelerator and went through the intersection successfully at a modest rate of speed. No injuries were reported.

Following her brush with tension, Miss Warwick arrived home and is currently resting.


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