Trump Not Coming to Forestville Saturday


Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is coming to Connecticut Saturday night for a rally at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield. Unfortunately, for local Republicans, he will not be coming to Forestville and they are very, very disappointed.

Forestville Trump supporters say they want the Republican Presidential nominee to visit Forestville so they can hear his insults and racist remarks in person.

Ben Mosely, a fervent follower, enjoys Trumps speeches and he would like Trump to deliver one of his usual speeches that is short on substance and depth at Nuchie’s. “I am drawn to his lack of specifics. It really, really speaks to me,” Mosely said wiping away tears.

Trump’s use of language has certainly resonated with many voters. For Sandra Salmon it is the reason she supports Mr. Trump, “Hillary uses subordinate clauses and qualifying phrases. Who does that? I want fragmented sentences, limited vocabulary and poor grammar.”

Kendal Cafee is a passionate Trump supporter too and relishes his speech pattern and use of adverbs. “I really, really enjoy how he repeats words over and over. It is so, so remarkable, seriously. I am constantly, constantly doing it myself now.”

Mrs. Cafee will be at the campaign rally Saturday night and is anxious to go. “I am really, really looking forward to screaming ‘Lock Her Up!, Lock Her Up’ and ‘Build That Wall!, Build That Wall!’, and any other extemporaneous thing that might come up, indubitably,” she boasted.


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