Local Olympian Has Controversial Loss in Dinkenolly Quarterfinals

the freestyle portion of the competition

the freestyle portion of the competition

America’s George Hamish lost his bout against Kimberley Radinioc Saturday in the Dinkenolly Quarterfinals. Radinioc was awarded the stunning victory 6-5, A-32, 5K-4=3 in two falls and triple extra time.

Radinioc who represents Akmeristan, just north of India had just completed a four-under six when the referee intervened. As fans know, once this occurs, the match reverts to the B form in which the sport changes to judo and the referee is allowed to gang up on the person penalized. The judo match didn’t last long. The 5′ 12″ Hamish was quickly defeated in two falls — once with a broccoli shoved up his nose as the use of vegetables is legal in this form of the sport.

Hamish trains in Bristol, Connecticut, and plays Dinkenolly professionally in Ulan Bator. His team whose name translates to the Ulan Bator Gators finished last in the division last year, which under Dinkenolly rules means they receive the champions trophy.

Hamish previously coasted through the preliminaries in which qualifiers face four other qualifiers and an incensed penguin. To advance, a qualifier must defeat them all within the allotted four stanzas and a clef mark.

score 02

Despite this optimistic start to his Olympics, he ran into a tougher challenge against the 12-year-old Radinioc. Her natural talent at Parcheesi kept the set even at three tosses apiece until the penalty was called.

“I think the referee’s ruling was unfair,” Hamish said afterward as his trainer removed the last bits of vegetable matter from his nostrils. “All I did was return the ball to Radinioc with a side hit off the back iron. He claimed I bounced it using a pfleegersnap, which as we all know is illegal. I know there’s a safety issue, but it’s more proof our sport has to stop making referees wear welder’s masks when calling games.”


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