Forestville Mathematician Verifies Last Weekend

weekend 01

Forestville mathematician Boris Gorky published a paper in his company’s newsletter this morning verifying last weekend.

Mr. Gorky and several of his colleagues were forced to work through the weekend and missed the opportunity to rest. Consequently, it posed an interesting question: If the weekend is devoted to not working, was there a weekend if you had to work?

Monday morning the respected mathematician set about solving the paradox via mathematical reasoning and principles, while comfortably seated in his cubicle.

Gorky quickly saw the problem, envisioned a solution and then found the answer. Unfortunately, according to his equation below, the weekend did occur even though he and his colleagues did not participate.

If we call today’s date x,

For all x that occurs in a month y in 2016 where d5/dy(5y) = 5y,


If x = 7n + 3 – (1/∞n), where n = 0 to 4,

and time t > 17 h after tmax of (x – 1) = weekend.

It took Mr. Gorky all of 20 minutes to do the math, but it will take the math community years to verify his mathematical proof with absolute certainty because they are backed up, according to Gorky and his colleagues.

Despite the mathematical breakthrough Mr. Gorky and his coworkers were instructed they must work this weekend too.


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