Community Associations Have Historic Sit-Down


A historic sit-down summit was recently held between the five heads of the city’s neighborhood and community associations including the West End Association, Forestville Village Association, Federal Hill Association, the Bristol NAACP chapter and the West Cemetery Association.

The meeting was held at an undisclosed location in the Northeast section of the city to guarantee security. The groups met to discuss important policies, rules and mutual “business interests” including the future of the Mum Festival.

Details are tough to obtain due to the “omerta” or Code of Silence but the heads of the associations or “Dons” were in attendance along with their bosses, capos and consiglieres. One source said the sit-down was necessary as a means to name a new “capo di tutti capi” or “Godfather” for the group.

One of the more important topics involved the West Cemetery Association wanting assurances or guarantees from the West End Association that they would not muscle in on their turf, namely the lantern tour in the West Cemetery. In order to avoid all-out war with the other community groups, the West End Association agreed.

It was notable that there was any representation from Chippens Hill. Some theorize that no one was invited from the most affluent area in the city so they could be politically marginalized. While others believe the Dons are preparing to go to the mattresses against Chippens Hill.


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