City Considers Moving the West End to Northeast and Vice Versa

The West End

The West End

Currently the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the City of Bristol have plans to realign the West End. It would cost several million dollars and could be completed by 2019. However, another plan not being discussed publicly would take more than a decade and cost billions.

In a highly controversial project, the DOT in partner with the City of Bristol would move the West End as is to the Northeast section of town, and move the Northeast section to the West End.

To move every building, home, park, gas station, ball field, church, school and swimming pool would be a massive undertaking, but planners believe it is the only way to get everyone to stop complaining and restore the area to the post-war period where it saw substantial growth and development. “By swapping the sections of the city all the problems real and perceived will go away,” remarked a resident that supports the idea.

Officials say the project would be consumed by cost overruns, design flaws, fraud, kick-backs, conflicts of interest and inflation, but it will be well worth it because it will create jobs, growth and social interaction. Said one DOT official, “If it doesn’t work we can always move everything back.”



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