Forestville Resident Wants to Include Inferior Athletes at the Olympics


Frustrated that the Olympics are only for elite athletes, 23 year old social activist Mia Jayden Jones, a Forestville resident, petitioned the IOC recently to expand future Olympic Games so moderate and mediocre athletes can participate as well.

In a letter dated August 5, 2016, to the IOC Jones asked, “Why are inferior athletes denied opportunities to compete on the world stage? Is it out of malice?”

Miss Jones says restricting the games so only the so called “best” can compete is discriminatory and elitist. Further, she wrote, “There is no evidence to support that having only world class athletes in the Olympics enhances competition.”

The social activist said if the IOC continues to exclude competitors based on their lack of talent, the popularity of the Olympic Games will dwindle, “The general public is beginning to realize that the system is rigged against athletes that are bad. If they are truly interested in determining who the best in the world is then they will let everyone participate.”


Executives from the International Olympic Committee convened after the closing ceremonies in Rio to discuss expanding the Olympic Games to nontraditional sports.

Among the events under consideration for the 2020 Games in Tokyo are trivial pursuit, caber tossing, exotic dancing, celebrity impersonating, Magic the gathering, metal detection, floating, hot dog eating, drinking games, crossword puzzles, word search, wheel of fortune, connect the dots, and telekinesis.


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