Outdoor Nude Theater Comes to Bristol


Recently, a nude cast made entirely up of lonely women performed Shakespeare in New York City’s Central Park to promote the idea of public nudity. Now comes a similar performance in Rockwell Park by the New Vision Theatre. The all-female troupe will perform Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” completely in the buff.

“It’s not about trying to shock people,” said one performer who goes by the stage name, Suzy Apples, at the local strip club. “We want to change people’s perceptions of public nudity – to see nudity not as sexual or threatening, but normal and good.”

Park constable Pat O’Reilly said, “It’s fine with us, laddy, as long as they be artists. Fact is, last year we had us a bunch of the artists in the park sacrificing goats to Satan, but that’s for the art of it. Now come do that and you’re not an artist, ye be feeling the big end of me nightstick.”

One onlooker at a recent rehearsal was very excited. “I love art,” said the unidentified man in the long raincoat holding a pocket video camera. “I could stand here all day and watch it over, and over, and over…”

“People ask, of all the playwrights in the world, why choose to do Arthur Miller in the nude?” Apples said. “That’s a good question. Anyways, we’re tired of the body shaming we see every day in society. With these performances, we will promote body positivity! People should feel proud of their bodies and not feel horrible about showing them unclothed in public.”

When asked why there weren’t any naked male guys in the cast too, Apples responded, “Ewww!”

New Vision Theatre said they expect to draw many spectators and numerous gawkers.

“Death of A Salesman” will be performed at 5:30pm from September 14 – 17 at Rockwell Park. Admission is free, but tips are appreciated. After-play lap dances will be offered.


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