Fire Department Dominates Recent Fire


A house fire broke out in the early morning hours Thursday in Forestville, according to fire department officials.

The fire got off to a strong and fast start navigating its way through the first floor burning whatever was in it is path.

However, once the fire department was able to evaluate and contain, they pretty much dominated the second half of the fire. The blaze got passed the incipient stage and was just at the growth stage but due to the fire department’s stifling defense, it never attained the fully developed stage.

“You could tell it was getting frustrated,” firefighter Art Kamansky said. “It got desperate and did an audible by going over a water pipe. That was a critical mistake on its part.”

Early in the second stage of the blaze, the fire went over a water pipe, which then burst putting a large section of the fire out. The firefighters capitalized on the miscue. Using short burst of water known as a diffuse spray they were able to douse the remaining fire.

The balanced attack of water, asphyxiation and ventilation, resulted in many errors by the fire resulting in the erroneous path over the water pipe.

“We got the fire out of its game and dominated in all facets,” Kamansky said. “The engine company was on the offensive from the get-go pouring water. The truck company did a tremendous job stopping the fire from spreading, and the rescue company was outstanding with their special teams coverage.”


Probationary firefighter Avery Mouser showed marked improvement with his penciling technique on the hose.

Breakman, Charlie Abernathy, had a great fire assisting the pump operator with the hoses.

Truckie, Sebastian Johan missed the first half of the fire because he was late for work. However, he was able to open the roof with a saw.


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