Trump’s Tribute to Himself Coming to Forestville

A six foot high portrait of Donald Trump that his wife purchased in 2007 for $20,000 at a charity auction is now traveling the country, and is scheduled to visit Forestville September 23 through 25 in Peck Park.

Thousands of Trump worshippers are expected to descend upon the tiny park for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the traveling tribute to Trump, which Trump calls, “The Traveling Tribute to Me.”

According to the Trump Foundation, which is sponsoring the tour, “The purpose of the tribute is to recognize the service and sacrifice Donald Trump has made building buildings and golf courses, and mark the 9th anniversary of the purchase of the painting.”

The Trump Foundation wants admirers of Mr. Trump’s bragging, bullying, vengefulness, insecurities and narcissism, to flock to the painting so it can be adored, worshipped and deified like it were the Shroud of Turin.

A series of events are scheduled while the painting is here, including sales of his books, photos with the painting and opportunities to extol, adulate and fawn over all things Trump.

The event will also feature special guests Ray Bonner, who nearly shook Mr. Trump’s hand in the 1980s, and Al Cooper who once saw the Trump motorcade on TV. They will be available for autographs, photos and Q&A.

Hours for “The Traveling Tribute to Me” are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. all weekend.


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