Signs, Signs Everywhere Are Signs


In case residents of Forestville and Bristol did not know, State Representative, Cara Pavalock is seeking reelection in the 77th District. There are numerous lawn signs throughout the village and city reminding voters, including several large ones.

The signs have proven to be successful for the likeable and dedicated state representative who is seeking a second term. “People come from all over to see the signs and have their photo taken. For some it is the closest they will get to an elected official,” remarked a campaign staffer.

However, the Bristol Public Works Department is concerned drivers will be distracted by the larger lawn signs so they have been warning motorists with signs of their own. “We don’t want anyone’s attention diverted by Ms. Pavalock’s gargantuan signs. Therefore, we have road safety signs out there warning them about her signs,” said Bert Metcalf, a BPW employee.


Not to be deterred, the campaign was determined to increase her name recognition and managed to have her name and image not only blanket the 77th district, but television game shows too.


But the Pavalock campaign was ecstatic that the U.S. National Park Service agreed to chisel her likeness into the granite of Mount of Rushmore, and finish it prior to the election. Something her opponent Laura Bartok was unable to do.



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