Hartford Courant Decries Media Collusion with Clinton Campaign


Recent hacked emails released by Wikileaks show that many news outlets and reporters conspired with the Hillary Clinton campaign to manage what information was released to the public and coordinate attacks on Donald Trump. Courant Editor-in-Chief Andrew Julien was outraged at the discoveries.

“Here we find out that Hillary’s people were wining and dining representatives from NPR and NBC to even the Boston Globe. It’s outrageous that we were not included!” exclaimed an exasperated Julien. “I mean, we’ve done many more hit pieces on Trump than the chowderheads at the Globe! We don’t even get a gift basket or a coupon for Aldi’s?”

Reached for comment, Clinton adviser Huma Abedin said, “We only have so many hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on media buyouts. We can’t get everyone. Also, nobody reads the Courant.”

As for now, Julien has put future stories on hold. “We were going to run articles on how fashion-forward Hillary’s pantsuits are and how her wonderful open borders plan will help Mexico and other countries reduce the level of poverty by sending it here. And Wednesday was supposed to be the start of a ‘Weather Forecasts with Hillary’ series. Now we have to rethink everything.”


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