Finding Cara


State representative Cara Pavalock’s familiar image is blanketed all over the 77th district on large lawn signs. Her signs dwarf her opponent’s and every candidate in the area. The signs are there to encourage voters to vote for her on Election Day.


Based on the size and popularity of her signs local entrepreneur Dorsey Lyman created a game called Finding Cara. The game encourages players to search and discover Cara’s enormous lawn signs. “Everyone talks about her signs because they are impossible to miss and new signs seem to pop up almost daily,” Lyman said. “It is a great game because adults and kids can play.”


Players are provided a map of the 77th district and the goal is to search and locate new giant signs, and whoever locates the most wins. “There are rumors that she plans to erect a sign that is so big that it will completely block the sun. It is based on a design by Archimedes. That could be a lot of fun,” Mr. Lyman told the assembled media.


The election is Tuesday November 8, 2016. Stay informed with Alan Boardman’s semi-comprehensive election coverage.



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