Wikileaks Releases Republican National Committee E-Mails


News that Wikileaks was now releasing emails hacked from a Republican National Committee (RNC) server was initially greeted with enthusiasm by the Hillary Clinton campaign. That is until the contents were read.

Unlike e-mails exchanged by Mrs. Clinton and her staffers, the RNC e-mails contained no evidence of illegal activity, corruption or screeds against their supporters. Ironically, the e-mails passed around actually were mostly about yoga classes, family vacations and planning for Chelsea’s wedding. In one particularly saucy missive, a heated argument about Maine being the perfect vacation spot led one staffer to even use the expletive “dang.”

Politically oriented e-mails focused on such issues as which chair on the Senate floor was the most comfortable and who has the messiest signature. One exchange between Senator Lindsay Graham and Representative Paul Ryan showed them plotting how to ban Donald Trump from their next camping outing. “If he [Trump] does show up,” Graham wrote in one lurid e-mail, “we all need to pretend we ran out of them marshmallows. I don’t want that Yankee making s’mores with us.”

Head of the Clinton campaign Huma Abedin condemned the e-mails saying, “America deserves worse from its leaders in Washington. These dull e-mails show that the Republicans are uninterested in continuing our proud tradition of chicanery, corruption and skullduggery that has given us the plots to so many great movies.”


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