WikiLeaks Revelations about Hillary Clinton’s Emails Continue


During her tenure as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton instructed her maid to print out classified documents at her home in Washington D.C., even though the maid did not have a security clearance.

This most recent revelation apparently solved an office mystery. “I always wondered why documents related to the TPP trade deal smelled like fresh lemons. Now we know they were sprayed with Pledge®,” said Bill Hill, a clerk in her office at the time.

Philip H. Gordon, Assistant Secretary of State for Western European Affairs told friends, “During meetings we often observed that many of the documents she printed out at had Drano stains. She said there was something wrong with the ‘toner’.”

“I could never figure out why many classified documents appeared as though they had been scrubbed and scoured and why there were traces of what looked like Brillo Pad on them,” said Michael Posner who served with Secretary Clinton from 2009 to 2013. “It seems obvious now but not at the time.”

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