Pavalock Takes the 77th District, Credits Her Signs for the Win


Cara Pavalock has defeated Laura Bartok in the 77th District. With her win she will represent Forestville for another 2 years.

Appearing at Nuchie’s she addressed her enthusiastic supporters, “The giant signs with my image plastered all over the district were the difference. Next election I promise to not only have more giant law signs with my image, but all the topiaries in the 77th cut and pruned to look like me too.”

The mood at Laura Bartok’s headquarters was a sullen but the first-time candidate was upbeat after a well-run race. “I had so much fun knocking on doors and talking to voters during the campaign that I will continue to knock on doors and talk to voters just for the heck of it even though I lost and the race is over,” she remarked.

In Other Election News Related to Forestville

Other results: By a slim margin (51-49) residents said the police chief must be a human to be police chief.

The bond for street improvements passes 50 to 50%, leaving the City Council to flesh out the kind of pavement used to improve the streets.

43 to 10% decided giraffes will be the official mascot of Bristol; thanks to a winning margin of 40 to 60% casual Friday will be replaced by After Five Friday; 70% approved referring people who are delinquent in putting out their trash to a garbage collection agency.

Election fallout: Local school principal is sad, but accepts the will of the people regarding the Bristol mascot issue. Now begins the hard task of changing the school sports uniforms and logos to the Fighting Giraffes.


P.S. I’m done.


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