Local Shortage of Foam Middle Fingers


Local retailers say there is currently a shortage of foam middle fingers in the Bristol/Forestville area. The foam made middle fingers are briskly selling in response to the election of Donald Trump as president.

Glen Modeene, an employee at the Dollar Store, said they ran out Wednesday afternoon. “We have plenty of the We’re #1 Foam Fingers, Foam Paws and Foam Feet though.” The Dollar Store and other retailers indicated they are working with manufacturers to ensure a healthy supply of foam middle fingers are delivered for the weekend.

Last year following Bristol’s hotly contested mayoral election, which saw Bristol Democrats narrowly lose the race for mayor, the democrats protested the results by refusing to be punctual for public events, and purposely not adhering to the “outside-in rule” by using the wrong forks, knives and spoons at sports banquets and lavish dinner settings.

Eduardo Fisher, a life-long democrat remarked, “Last year we were upset so we said ‘etiquette be dammed’ this year we are using the foam middle finger to show our displeasure.”


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