Laying to Rest the 2016 Election


Today a political party is in mourning.

Bristol Democrats still feel the sting from last year’s mayoral defeat, and now they must come to terms with the trauma of Hillary Clinton’s defeat Tuesday.

Leaders within the party said they will allow party members two days to mourn this weekend. The flags at Democratic headquarters on North Main Street will be at Half-Staff Saturday and Sunday, and black bunting will be placed decoratively inside and outside headquarters.

A ceremonial funeral train procession will go from Downtown Bristol to the Forestville Passenger Station Sunday morning shortly after Meet the Press airs on NBC. The funeral train will contain 2016 lawn signs, mailings and other items no longer of value.

The sound of muffled drums will be heard as a donkey drawn hearse leads a solemn procession from the Passenger Station to Forestville Cemetery, where the items will be put to rest in an unmarked grave.

Democratic Town Committee members are to bear witness and line the train route and procession to the cemetery.

The Rite of Committal will be read at the gravesite by the Chairman of the Bristol Democratic Town Committee. Other noteworthy committee members will read sacred scriptures and Epitaphs before a closing hymn.

Following the service everyone is invited to Nuchie’s for a celebration.


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