Trump Denies Transition Team is Short on Office Supplies


President-elect Donald Trump and his transition team deny charges that tensions are high within the team because they do not have enough office supplies.

Reports out of Trump Tower where the president elect is holding meetings, suggests they are nervous because the team does not have enough post-it® notes, binders, erasers, tacks, paper clips, labels, highlighters, glue sticks and colorful hanging folders.

Trump’s transition has been marred by revelations that the soon to be leader of the free world can’t get his supply cabinet well stocked.

Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, told reporters that their supply cabinet issues would “soon” be resolved, but denied there was strain or a shortage of supplies.

Despite Mr. Kushner’s assurances, Trump reportedly told Rudy Giuliani to purchase #2 pencils from an Office Depot in the Upper West Side of Manhattan so cabinet candidates could take notes.

And he demanded South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who met with Trump early today, to bring some manila file folders from her office.

The president-elect, outraged by the rumors, took to twitter to reassure a worrying world that there is no office supply shortage.



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