Officials Consider Playing Annual Thanksgiving Day Game in Summer


With the game time temperature in the low 40s and mainly gray skies, the Bristol Eastern and Bristol Central football teams engaged in the annual Battle for the Bell Thursday at Muzzy Field. Central defeated their crosstown rival 30-12 in a spirited contest.

The Battle for the Bell game played Thanksgiving Day is a tradition that dates back to 1959. However, parents and spectators sitting in the cold and unforgiving bleachers Thursday wondered why the game is played in November under such conditions. “Why can’t the Thanksgiving Day game be played in June?” asked Natalie Housen. It’s warm and sunny then.”

Anne Wharton, who was wrapped in a Sherpa Blanket with matching Pom-pom hat and thermal gloves for the entire game added through chattering teeth, “Why…even…play…outside? They…should play indoors in a…controlled…environment.”

Bernadette Jackson, while playing Plants Vs. Zombies on her phone, went even further, “Just have a computer play the game. They do everything else.”

Concerned parents formed an action committee after the game with the intent of petitioning the Board of Education to move the game to a warmer month. In a press release they said, “The Moving the Bell Action Committee (MTAC) is a group of parents working together to not only enhance our children’s football experience, but everyone’s football experience by moving the Thanksgiving Day game to a month that is not known for being cold.”

From her gold encrusted lectern the Superintendent of the Board of Education said Saturday, “In the wake of cool temperatures and cold bleachers we will consider the proposal by MTAC to move the game to a warmer date or have a computer simulate the game. Frankly, the computer simulation is the better option from a cost analysis standpoint.”


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