Last week I ran into my friend Lenny as he was leaving the police station and he reminded me that at one time he played bass guitar in the rock band Open Casket. They were very popular locally playing pig roasts and keg parties. Unfortunately the entire horn section perished in a bizarre vomiting accident. Out of respect they changed their name to Closed Casket. They soon broke up.


World War II was fought after World War I?

The word the is spelled the?

Canned food comes in cans?

The city of Boston is located in Boston?


How many quarters are played in a basketball game?


A shout out to Fred “The Mavin” de Mohrenschildt. By the grace of God you are alive, well and out of prison. Do you have the fifteen hundred bucks you owe me?


I enjoy Christmas just as much as the next person but shopping is a nightmare. Therefore, I propose Christmas be once every four years like the Olympics. It seems to work for them. Who is with me?

For Nikki that disagrees with everything I write…be well.



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