Bristol Roundup Hijacked by Russian Hackers!


The Bristol Roundup is a popular internet source for local news, events and information. It promotes the community by highlighting events and citizens that go unreported by other local media outlets. The Roundup was founded in 2012 by Mike Uchalid and continues to grow as a go-to source for information.

But late yesterday Russian hackers hijacked the popular blog and renamed it The Moscow Roundup…This is one big Russian blog!

Articles about historic homes in Bristol, local fundraisers and Visions for Vacancies are gone. They were replaced with information about the October Revolution, farming collectives, fun things to do in gulags and stories about millennials gathering at coffeehouses in flat cloth caps and tweed suits, sipping coffee and discussing how to control the means of production and create a workers’ uprising against the City Council.

Mr. Uchalid in an exclusive to Boardman said, “I don’t understand. One day I am editing a story about the Boys and Girls Club of Bristol, and the next day I am reading a story about dialectical change and collectivist hegemony over the Ukraine on my blog. Lol!”

According to Mike the Russians will not return his blog until he accepts economic determinism based on wage labor. “I told them I cannot do that because I don’t even know what it means. No one does. Lol!”

The Russians refused comment about this story.


| Listeners Shocked! The Beat, Bristol’s Rock Mix, Changes Format to 19th-Century Russian Classics
| Onion Domes Begin Appearing Atop Local Government Buildings
| Infamous Vacant Lot Across from City Hall to be Renamed “Red Square” at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony by Comrade Cockayne


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