Observing the 2017 Inauguration Ceremony


Donald J. Trump took the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States today. Here are some observations from Forestville:

All times ET

Kellyanne Conway is dressed like a toy soldier. Is she going to hold sparklers in a kick line with the Rockettes?

Will Trump tweet during his Inauguration Speech? God I hope so. “These ‘everyday Americans’ in crowd look horrible. Sad. We must build wall to keep them out; make the greasy food joints pay for it.”

Is it normal to have so many priests at an inaugural address? A rabbi, a minister, a baptist… It’s like the start of a joke.

Donald Trump just said with his hand on a stack of bibles (holy moly, the Lincoln bible is thick. It must be the extended cut) “I do solemnly swear.”

The new president is swearing on the podium during the inauguration! Will his crude behavior never stop?

Trump hasn’t fired anyone on stage just yet. Surprised.

It started to rain as Trump started and the reverend after him says it’s a sign of God’s blessing. That’s one way of looking at it.

CNBC reporting protestors.

The Protesters look like college kids bussed in for the occasion.

They mostly have smart backpacks. Funny how they never think to bring gas masks. Like wow, police have tear gas?? Sha-zam!

More arrests imminent…as the protesters by burning trash cans illegally increase their carbon footprint.

Hampton Pearson, not their usual correspondent (John) Harwood, is by the protestors. They must have had a meeting and said, “OK, which correspondent is most expendable?”

Chuck Schumer speaking. Huh? Why is the Minority Leader talking? He started very excited and is now going about how American now sucks. Wait, he’s mellowing a bit….OMG an anecdote!

Hillary campaign says Trump is not legally president. The Bible he used was hacked by the Russians!

Watching the parade right now. We have a contingent of revolutionary war soldiers. That’s important. It will keep Britain from ever thinking of invading us again.

Watching Mattis and Kelly sworn into the cabinet. I thought it odd the oaths included affirmation they have no peanut allergies.

One good thing about Trump becoming president is that the first lady definitely looks better in her ball dress than Bill Clinton would have.


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