Betsy DeVos Visits a Public School!


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited Jefferson Academy, a public school in Washington on Friday. She is a strong advocate for school choice and privatizing public schools. It was the first time she visited a public school.

After initially being rebuffed by some protestors from entering, Mrs. DeVos gained access and carefully walked through the school stopping to collect soil samples for analysis in the event she never visits a public school again.

The billionaire met with teachers, visited classrooms and spoke with the D.C. Public Schools Chancellor. Later, speaking from her gold encrusted lectern at the Department of Education she observed, “I was shocked to see children were learning and teachers were teaching. I didn’t know that went on in there.”

Following her visit with public educators she visited a doctor fearing she may have contracted some unknown pathogen(s) in the school. She was noticeably relieved when doctors gave her a clean bill of health and told her she would not have to be quarantined.

Because it was the first time she had ever been in a public school, Mrs. DeVos left behind a stainless steel commemorative plaque. The plaque’s inscription reads “Here Education Secretary Betsy DeVos First Set Foot Upon a Public School. She Came in Peace, February 2017 AD.”


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