Flynn Resignation Due to Candy Crush

Flynn in happier times

Flynn in happier times

President Trump National Security advisor, Michael Flynn, has resigned after little less than a month on the job.

Initial media reports stated General Flynn misled Vice President Pence about his conversations with a Russian ambassador. However administration officials said concerns about his truthfullness began right after the inaugural.

Just days into his presidency, President Trump hosted a screening of the movie Finding Dory at the White House with friends and family. According to sources General Flynn gave away the ending midway through the movie.

Sources tell Boardman that during Friday night poker nights with Bannon, Priebus and Spicer, Flynn was found to be palming cards and taking money from the kitty during bathroom breaks

It was during the weekly poker games they noticed Flynn routinely feigned not having money for takeout despite his apparent gambling winnings saying, “Sorry I’ll pay for it next time.”

Associates noticed as well that General Flynn was obsessed with playing Candy Crush. He even went so far to borrow Press Secretary Spicer’s phone during a briefing to play and then denied doing so. Spicer told colleagues, “That was the moment that there was a complete erosion of trust.”


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