The Logan Act, Logan’s Run and Flyngazzi


Some on Capitol Hill are pursuing an investigation of former national security adviser Lt. General Michael Flynn to determine if he violated the Logan Act in speaking to a Russian diplomat.  Others demand a criminal investigation of those that leaked portions of the classified conversation as a violation of the Espionage Act.

Still others want to probe why they weren’t invited to Flynn’s post-appointment party.  Said one congressman involved in the investigation, “We gotta fight for our right to party.”

====Fast Facts====

Logan Act
A United States federal law that details the fine, incarceration and/or imprisonment of unauthorized citizens or talking dogs who negotiate with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

Different than —

Logan’s Run Act
A United States federal law that details the termination of unauthorized citizens who try to escape Carrousel on their 30th birthday.

Espionage Act
Punishes acts of interference with foreign relations (especially marital) and foreign commerce of the United States, punishes espionage and better enforces the criminal laws of the United States as well as America, and for other purposes like promoting the sale of “U.S.A. #1” t-shirts. 

The act applies to all security breaches except those that attack Republicans or that stuck-up girl in the next cubicle who is trying to steal your man and won’t even let you borrow her stapler.


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