Boardman Attends White House Press Conference


White House press secretary Sean Spicer revolutionized press conferences by allowing media outlets outside D.C. to attend through the use of Skype. Boardman was lucky enough to get one of these Skype seats for a recent presser.

Sadly, the White House press corps was upset with Boardman. Some felt the Boardman reporter’s question to Sean, “How much is that podium you use and where can I get one for my mom?” was irrelevant to the purpose of the meeting. Even more expressed outrage at the podium’s price tag with an Amish Times reporter claiming he could get one for half the cost in oak. Others were even, even more disgusted by our reporter’s follow-up question, “Can you guess what number I’m thinking of right now?”

Boardman released a statement saying the press corps was sanctimonious in their criticism and that our reporter’s questions was in the interest of the public’s right to know about pressing issues of the day. Also it helped us get a sweet deal on a podium.

Next week, a Skype seat will be held by little Janie Wills who puts out The Forestville Cat Newspaper to her friends in kindergarten. She is expected to ask if the president likes cats and if so, how much.

And the following week, it will be The Bristol Press’s turn to hold a Skype seat. Press reporter Jane Zachary Jones is expected to ask the president’s opinion of Cortland Hull.


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