Ire As Route 6 Widening Starts

Route 6

Dr. Edwin Lister is upset about the beginning of work on expansion of Route 6. The archaeologist was prepping for a new dig by the roadside when workers shut him down.

Dr. Lister worries that an important archaeological site will be destroyed. He discussed the discoveries he has already made that suggest the presence of man in Bristol long before man showed up.

“In last year’s dig, I discovered a rock that dates back 50,000 years and another that dates back farther. One you can see was used as a writing implement to message other tribes or work on the daily crossword.”

He points to another artifact – a long rock that may represent a primitive skateboard or a tongue depressor for a pet bear. His group also found the skeletal remains of a squirrel that he says was hit by a speeding canoe.

His team is composed of himself and young Jimmy Joseph. Jimmy is a 120-pound freshman in high school and consequently does the digging and heavy lifting.

Dr. Lister himself was formerly at Yale until being fired for his proposal that the Pequots worked a tomahawk-running operation for the Mohegans. And because he set fire to the Yale mascot.

Now the ex-professor raises his own money to cover the cost of digs. Last fall he had Jimmy roam the streets of Hartford holding a sign that read, “Will Dig For Money.” He also sells Indian artifacts when no one is looking. Despite the number of times Jimmy has ended up in jail for this, the team’s enthusiasm is undiminished.

“I hope the State will delay this project until we can complete our dig,” said Dr. Lister. “I believe we are very close to uncovering a massive grave site as well as the small dinosaurs this Paleo-Indian population rode.”

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