Naysayers Appreciation Day

Cynics, sourpusses, and Prophets of Doom will hold a banquet this Saturday at the Forestville Historical Society as part of “Naysayers Appreciation Day.”

Never one to volunteer or contribute anything helpful to the community, the Grousey Gus’s will honor their never ending negative and pessimistic views of everything. The festivities include a reception, banquet and an opportunity to criticize the night’s events.

The Naysayer of the Year Award will be presented to Augie Geller. Mr. Geller will be honored because he has 40 years of experience ridiculing mayors’, the city council, snow plowing, the traffic on Route 6, The Mall, Renascence Downtowns, Muzzy Field, the Water Department, the mill rate, schools, teachers, sidewalks, blight, The Bristol Red Sox, and a wealth of other issues without ever offering a solution to any problem or situation.

Mr. Geller is expected to complain in his acceptance speech about the menu, his table guests, the award and that the room is cold and drafty.


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